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The Rants of a Stressed Working Mom

Complainer’s Guilt 

There's always someone who has it worse.  There's always someone struggling to avoid homelessness. There's someone who's lost their whole family. There's someone who just suffered a catastrophic injury. There's someone working three jobs just to survive. And here I... Continue Reading →

Your Boss’ Wife is Always Entitled to the Perks You Want but Can’t Have 

So your boss' wife, also a career woman, is pregnant. You think the boss may become more lenient, because he'll be gaining first hand experience at what it takes to be a working parent. Maybe, you'll get flex time. Oh,... Continue Reading →

I’m Writing a Blog Post, so I’m Neglecting My Kids and/or My House is Filthy

One of the biggest problems I have had with picking a creative outlet and sticking to it has been a lack of free time.  Every minute of free time I have is devoted to my children and cleaning my house. ... Continue Reading →

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