So your boss’ wife, also a career woman, is pregnant. You think the boss may become more lenient, because he’ll be gaining first hand experience at what it takes to be a working parent. Maybe, you’ll get flex time. Oh, it’d be so nice to work from home as there’s no reason on Earth you actually need to be in the office modt days. It’d make life so much easier. You hope things will get just a little bit easier for you. Nope. He wants those things, but just for his wife. They’re out of the question for you.
I went through this with a scummy former boss of mine. I had to sit and smile through so many degrading conversations over the course of my employment with him that his hypocrisy should not have surprised me and yet it did. He and his wife wanted a part time position created just for her, so she could work less hours after she had her baby. This is significant, because she worked for county government and creating the job required a petition to the county board. Lucky for her, her daddy was well-connected and managed to pull this off.
Now, I had already gone part time as a job-saving measure. There simply wasn’t enough work to make my billable hours requirement. Ultimately, I ended up working full time hours to make part time billables and my boss would send me snotty emails when I actually did work part time hours
For his wife, part time was part time. She only worked three days a week and two of those days she worked from home. I was not allowed to work from home despite the fact that on many days, there was no reason on Earth for me to come in. My boss was such a douche bag that he didn’t even feel slightly bad about it. I discovered his wife worked from home when making small talk with her at a work party. He stood next to his wife smiling proudly as she told me about her ability to work from home. He then turned to me and said, “That’s not available for you.” His wife had the decency to be embarrassed.
I’m sure there are people out there who have wonderful, understanding companies. More and more companies are allowing employees to work from home at least once a week. Most of my knowledge comes from the legal world where part time usually ends up becoming full time and employers are rarely sympathetic to your needs while having no shame in scheduling their own time off. There are a lot of downright abusive bosses in the legal world.
If anyone out there is actually reading this blog, I’d love to hear about your experiences. How does your company treat working parents? Are they just as hypocritical?