There’s always someone who has it worse.  There’s always someone struggling to avoid homelessness. There’s someone who’s lost their whole family. There’s someone who just suffered a catastrophic injury. There’s someone working three jobs just to survive. And here I am complaining about my comparatively insignificant mom problems. Who am I to complain?  I feel guilty doing so and I’ve held off on publishing this blog because of that guilt. 

From a young age, we are taught that we should be thankful for what we have. We have a whole holiday dedicated to it. When we do vent, there’s always that person who reminds us that we should be thankful for what we have. There’s the person who reminds you that you could have it so much worse. And then there’s the person who has to one up you with a story about how they have it so much worse. You end up feeling stupid for bringing up your problems. 
These reactions lead to complacency. A few years back, when the economy took a huge downturn, I was working at a law firm, being treated like crap, for shit pay. I was always looking for a new job, but never even scored an interview. I began venting to a coworker and was reminded that I could have it so much. So and so just lost their job and he has a family. I felt like saying, “I have a family too and I’d like to get paid for the work I’m doing.” 

Law firms were using the downturn in the economy as an excuse to treat lawyers like crap and grossly underpay them, the rationale being that associates were lucky to even have jobs, so they should tolerate whatever abuse was thrown their way. I heard one law firm was hiring newly graduated associates, desperate for experience, as “volunteers.” If they complained , they were told they were free to leave any time. 

Above all else, its human nature to vent. People need an outlet. They don’t need to be reminded about how much worse they could have it. They don’t need their complaints belittled and they don’t need to be told about how much worse someone else has it. They just need someone to listen. 

This blog is my outlet. It may be that no one ever reads it and I’m fine with that. This my venting post and my stress reliever. I’ll do my best to overcome the complainer’s guilt.