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The Rants of a Stressed Working Mom

The Not So Helpful People When You’re Unemployed

So you find yourself unemployed.  You're probably feeling a mix of anger, depression, and anxiety.  You might be worried about how you're going to support yourself until you find a new job.  Never fear, you'll have plenty of friends and family ... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy is a Real Fun Suck

Pregnancy was fun and exciting the first time around.  Giving up alcohol, amusement parks, sushi, late nights, caffeine, normal bowel movements, and my figure all seemed worth it.  I loved my cute little baby bump and buying baby clothes and... Continue Reading →

Rising Above The Negative

Recently, I realized that I have a tendency to attract negative people.  The type of people who always see the worst in every situation.  Their forecast is always cloudy with a chance of a torrential downpour.   It's my fault though. ... Continue Reading →

A Caregiver’s F**k You to Everyone who Didn’t Help (but want to take credit after the person’s death)

My father's death left me an emotional mess.  Not because he was a loving, caring father.  He wasn't.  It was the sudden realization that I had spent the previous nine years  providing care for a man who treated me horribly... Continue Reading →

ADHD is a Real Thing Damnit!

My 8 year old daughter has ADHD, but very few people believe me.  Everyone has the same reaction, which is to lecture me about how I just need to be a better disciplinarian.   After all, my child's inability to... Continue Reading →

Narcissism at its Finest: The Stay-at-Home Artist Mom

She drops the kids off at school and spends her days whiling away in her studio, honing her "craft."  She could be a photographer, an artist, a model, an actress, a singer, or my favorite, a combination thereof.  Why would she pick... Continue Reading →

7 Coworkers Everyone Hates

As I sit here enduring another endless Monday afternoon at work, listening to one of my ass-kisser coworkers spew her BS, and feeling disgusted that anyone would buy said bullshit, I'm inspired to rant about every kind of coworker who... Continue Reading →

OMG! I Changed Careers and So Can You!

When I was unemployed and desperate for a career change, I read articles either written by or quoting people who made career changes after spending time in a career they hated.  The person who had changed careers always seemed to... Continue Reading →

I Can Start a Business with No Time or Money Right?

At the beginning of 2016, during my much dreaded return to work after maternity leave and state of near financial ruin because said maternity leave was unpaid, I had a brilliant idea:  I would take my love of pinup and... Continue Reading →

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